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Language & Literacy

What's it all about?

Good communication skills help children express themselves to others. When children know how to share their ideas with others, they gain confidence in their abilities. Communication involves:

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing

There are many ways young children can express their ideas before they can read and write. This includes drawing and painting pictures, creating with playdoh, retelling a story, acting out a story, and talking about their favorite toys. Reading to your child every day is an excellent way to support a child's communication skills. Ask questions about the story, but know that it's OK if your child isn't interested in the story or doesn't want to answer any questions.

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You may have seen the viral internet video of twin baby boys babbling. This blog explains the significance of the interaction for early language development. 

Reading aloud to children is good for parents, too!

Spend time together: practice Nursery rhymes

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