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For Parents

Understanding Child Development

Starting at birth, your child is growing and learning each and every day at an amazing rate. Understanding the stages of children's development can help set your mind at ease. All children need to be loved and cared for in order to grow and thrive. Every child will experience growth in their physical development and health language and communication skills cognition and general knowledge personal and social development.

At Innovations in Education, LLC, we believe that parents are a child's first teacher. Parental involvement is the cornerstone for a healthy childhood. We're here to help you navigate the stages of early childhood development. Please see our parent workshops for opportunities to learn more.

General Support for Parents

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Evaluating Quality in Childcare

In her article, "Looking at the Quality of Early Childhood Programs,"  Lilian Katz observes...

"The characteristics of a program that really predict its outcome are the answers to the bottom-up question, which is: What does it feel like to be a child in this environment?

"Obtaining answers to this question is not easy! It requires making the very best guess one can about how each individual child in this group experiences the program. We can proceed by asking about the environment on behalf of each child:

* Is it welcoming rather than merely captivating?

* Do I belong in the group rather than merely have a good time?

* Am I usually accepted by adults rather than scolded?

* Am I taken seriously rather than just precious or cute?

* Am I usually accepted by some peers rather than isolated, neglected, or rejected?

* Are the activities meaningful rather than mindless?

* Are the activities engaging rather than amusing?

* Are the activities interesting rather than boring?

* Do I usually come here willingly rather than reluctantly?

"It seems to me that only when answers to most of these questions are positive can we assume that the quality of the program is worthy of our children."

    About Us

    At Innovations in Education, LLC, we cater to the needs of individuals. Whether you are a family child care provider, child care center staff, teacher, administrator or parent, our goal is to help you provide the most current information about child development as well as the highest quality services to help you be the best in your field.

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